Kalamesa fights for freedom with “Juvenile Delinquency”

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Raw and totally electrifying!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kalamesa is a band formed in the City of Flowers…

that chooses to present music ranging from the multifarious colours of each personnel until a new ethereal colour is created. Kalamesa has issued its debut Promo 2022, which was released on July 21st 2022. With the formation of Tirek (vocals), Elang (guitar), Andre (guitar), Openg (bass), and Rozi (drums), Kalamesa began working on their instinctive debut at LS Studio in Bandung at the end of April 2022.

Juvenile Delinquency represents nothing but free-spirited youth enthusiasm for the freedom of life through its lyrics and music.

Begun from Openg’s desire to make a song that tells about the childhood we have gone through and wants to retain that feeling there as an opus, followed by delicately-knitted lyrics by Tirek and music composed coarsely by Elang, that’s where Juvenile Delinquency and also Kalamesa were put together. 

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Before Juvenile Delinquency was created, Andre, Elang, Openg, and Tirek had come into sight as a band that enlivened an event at a private campus in Bandung. After the creation of Juvenile Delinquency, they felt that they had the potential to keep on the band’s project more seriously. Eventually, Rozi joined our family as a drummer.

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