Xoha gets torn yet moves on with ‘Heartless’

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Smooth, anthemic and totally relatable!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

LA- based teen singer-songwriter XOHA has released her new single, “Heartless.”

This perfect summer anthem influences listeners to free their minds of past toxicity and enjoy the ride of life. 

In her newest single, XOHA expresses her confidence in moving forward after being used, lied to, and manipulated. “Heartless” is a powerful track that is inspiring and relatable to those who have gone through a toxic relationship or friendship and are looking forward to a fresh start. This song shines a spotlight on XOHA’s sleek voice with beautiful harmonies and an uplifting pop beat, fused with lively production by Chad Bamford.

“Heartless” highlights female empowerment and moving forward with life after being with someone who tried to tear you down.

The track’s title fits well with the lyrics as it conveys that she is left “Heartless” after being with a toxic person in her life and is moving on for the better. She is healing by enjoying the moments of life while continuing to evolve in her self-confidence and creating more passionate music.

XOHA emphasizes her single as the “summer revenge anthem for the ladies who deserve better and are done apologizing for others’ mistakes.” She encourages listeners to “go out, have fun, live hot, and stream ‘Heartless.'”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

She was influenced by a wide range of musical genres, including theater performances growing up and rides with her dad in the car playing 80s rock music. XOHA’s music has been featured by Mundane Magazine, Girl.com, Vanyaland, and more.

“Heartless” is a compelling single by XOHA, showcasing her values and beliefs as both an artist and person. The message behind her lyrics is a theme of confidence, moving on, and leaving behind a regretful past, a relatable motive to listeners.

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