Jack The Underdog longs for a true “Conversation”

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Fun, catchy yet truly heartbreaking!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In just over half a decade, Jack The Underdog has reinvented the pop-punk genre.

He fuses the styles of pop-punk with electronic and hip-hop elements to create a totally original sound, dubbed “R&P” (rhythm and punk). Inspired by social justice, Jack The Underdog writes music for the misfits. Jack understands the battles of feeling unheard, and he aims to be a voice for the marginalized and misunderstood, hoping they can find some solace in his melodies.

Jack The Underdog began his career as Jack Ohmes, writing songs in his hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Music has always been in his bones – starting at a young age, Jack took piano lessons, played in the school orchestra, picked up other instrument lessons, and attended School of Rock, where he was coached on performance and songwriting. It was just a few years later that he formed a band with his high school peers called Painting Stars.

As he began to emerge as Jack The Underdog…

Jack’s music led him to Nashville as he continued his music education at Belmont University. Jack majored in songwriting and music business and minored in social justice. Within his first few months in Nashville, Jack and his band, Painting Stars, were given the opportunity to open for the punk rock group The Story So Far.

His progressive attitude and hard-hitting lyrics will undoubtedly catapult him all the way to the top. Jack will continue to release music through the end of 2022, collaborating with artists such as Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens and more.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Jack The Underdog releases his single, “Conversation,” with a feature by Kellin Quinn of legendary pop-punk band Sleeping With Sirens.

The song was inspired by a relationship that ended because of a lack of communication. If the pair would have spoken about how they were feeling, they might still be together.

Jack The Underdog’s raspy voice is amplified against the punk-rock beat. The tempo is fast-paced, and a fretting of electric guitar and booming drums are played throughout the chorus.

“You know I tried harder than you/why’d you just lie, how was that comfortable for you?/This isn’t fair to either of us/If we had this conversation last month, this wouldn’t be our last one.”

The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along with. There is a softer guitar harmony behind the beat, making the instrumentals pair well with the heartbreaking lyrics. Kellin Quinn, of Sleeping With Sirens expands the story; the artists’ voices pair well together, creating extraordinary harmonies, all while containing the grit and fun that the pop-punk genre lives up to.

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