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Soulful, heart-wrenching and bittersweet!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


How do you truly show your love
to someone even if it’s unreciprocated?

Filipino 6-piece pop rock band Silent Sanctuary is back with their latest single, “Alay”, a sure hit especially for listeners who loves ‘hugot’ or being ’emo’ songs.

Leading its roster is Raymund “Sarkie” Sarangay as the lead vocalist, Anjo Inacay as a cellist, violinist Kim Mirandilla-Ng, bass guitarist Ronnie Ropal, and synthesizer player Poch Villalon.

“Alay” connects to us through its heartwarming storytelling
of unconfessed love and admiration.

Start streaming “Alay” here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A sad reality when two people
are destined to meet,
but not destined to be together.

Saan ka ba ngayon
Lumalakas ang ambon
‘Di na kita maalagaan
Iba na ang sasandalan

This track is the perfect song for your TOTGA (The One That Got Away).

Afraid to ruin friendships, we sometimes prefer to love from a distance and wish that somehow, the one we love will realize that we are ready to offer our love and commitment to them.

Kung ika’y muling iibig ngayon
Sana’y lumingon ka at ako’y hanapin
Kahit may dumating hindi sasambitin
Ng puso kong inaalay na sa ‘yo

All you can do is look back and reminisce about your best moments together. You still care and wish to show your love for your special someone again. Even if someone is willing to love you, you still choose to be faithful to your one true love, even if that love comes with pain.

Silent Sanctuary’s perfect blend of violin strings transforms this pop rock song to give it some classical music feels and drama.

The band recently returned to the Wish Bus and played this song last December 2. They also gave their own spin to Rivermaya’s “Himala”.

“Alay” will surely tug at your heart and reminisce moments
with the one you love secretly. I’ll consider this as one
of Silent Sanctuary’s best songs ever. Add this to your playlist now!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

by Melissa Corpus

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