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Beautiful yet truly heart-wrenching!

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Were you truly loved or just needed?

Filipino pop-rock band The Juans releases their last single for this year with “‘Di Mo Na Ako Kailangan.” With Carl Guevarra on keys/vocals, Japs Mendoza on guitar/vocals, RJ Cruz on acoustic guitar/vocals, and Chael Adriano on bass/vocals, this band continues to charm their audience with their soulful music.

Produced by Viva Records and The Juans, the video above is the song film starring Gillian Vicencio and Benedix Ramos. It premiered on YouTube on December 16, 2022. Credits to MxM & Carl Guevarra for directing and conceptualizing this epic masterpiece.

My reaction? I cried! Kudos to the actors! It was well-acted.The flow and storytelling are on point. The location also added to the feels of the story. Great acting for the band members as well. I’m sure this will get more views and tug more hearts.

Start streaming “Di Mo Na Ako Kailangan” here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Juans consistently produce heartwarming songs that everyone can relate to. ‘Di Mo Na Ako Kailangan is excellently written, has a catchy melody, and perfectly captures the scenario when one falls out of love. 

This is the perfect song to listen to when you want to move on from a failed relationship. It expresses the usual questions you want to ask to help you discern what really went wrong. 

Sa’n ba ako nagkamali
Meron bang ‘di naibigay
Kulang pa ba

They always say that when you love, give your one hundred percent. We always assume that if we give it all, they will reciprocate. But sometimes, this is not the case. Loving always comes with pain and sacrifice. After giving all our time, concern, and effort, they still choose to leave.

‘Di naman sa panunumbat
Nakalimutan mo na bang lahat
Kaya ba hindi ko na makita
Ang dati mong ngiti
Noong ako’y kailangan pa

It doesn’t always equate that needing is loving. Sometimes, people choose us because of convenience, because we are available. We’re the only option at that time. The sad thing, we can’t discern this from the start. What pains us the most is when they dump us for another person.

Kaya ba ngayo’y nanlalamig na
‘Di na nasasabik
Kapag ako ang kasama
‘Di mo na ako kailangan
Nahanap na ang ‘yong tahanan sa iba
‘Di mo na ako kailangan

If you listen to this song on a different perspective, we can also relate it to our faith. Sometimes we are consumed by what this world can give. Our spiritual life becomes lifeless. It’s like God is saying “You don’t need me anymore, my child. You have the world with you.” But when we realize our shortcomings, we’ll return to him and ask for forgiveness. 

As mentioned by the songwriter, the song is a statement of realization and awareness that sometimes people stay not because they want to, but at times their love and presence depend on our ability to fulfill their wants and needs.

Di Mo Na Ako Kailangan deserves to be tagged as one of the best “hugot” songs of all time. Heartfelt storytelling, excellent song progression, perfect harmonies, and the message stood out. Add this to your playlist now to start mending your brokenness.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

by Melissa Corpus

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