Ray Palousek brings love in the air with “Feelings”

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Calm, romantic and full of grace!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ray Palousek is a pop singer-songwriter and pianist from Holland TX.

Starting his career in music at age 15, Ray is a piano bar entertainer and works on a cruise ship for 10 months per year. He has performed on cruise ships around the world, as well as countless venues in TX. The artist also earned his Bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance from MTSU and, according to Ray, “My college education helped me create outside the box.”

With influences such as Michael Buble, Ray aspires to create a wide variety with his songs, writing about themes and topics involving personal experiences and relationships. Additionally, Ray claims:

Emotionally, love is at the core of my music. My identity as a songwriter-artist is honest and vulnerable.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ray Palousek’s new release, Feelings astounds listeners with chronicles of love, lust, and loss. Palousek’s style of music is not typical of the pop genre, he uses influences from jazz, country, and RnB to create his own sound. Included in the album are the songs, “Embers in the Breeze,” “Kiss Me Again,” and “Not Your Baby.” We follow Ray through the different stages of a relationship. His inspiration for these songs comes from his own experience and emotions.

Embers In The Breeze” is a song that creates the perfect peaceful atmosphere, with angelic and powerful vocals from Ray. This song is extremely delightful to listen to, conveying a sense of calmness and peace that will easily connect with the audience. Additionally, the soft instrumentation matches perfectly with the artist’s voice, giving him the perfect support and focus. This poetic song in which Ray truly shows his love and passion will quickly make its way into people’s hearts and playlists.

Kiss Me Again” continues with a contagious romantic atmosphere, transporting the audience into a beautiful love story. This song will leave its listeners wishing for a romance as beautiful as the one Ray sings about, enjoying every second like it is the last.

The album ends with the song, “Not Your Baby,” a description of the person he loves, moving on, to someone new. Ray Palousek described his jealousy during this moment. Through the lines, “…I hope he leaves you grieving, the bleedin’ pieces of your broken heart.” Ray hopes his lost love will someday feel as broken as he does.

The instrumentals used in this album consist of features consistent with pop music, like guitar and drums. With the addition of mixing and a keyboard, Ray has truly found an original sound. He is well set apart from other pop artists. The love, lust, and eventual heartbreak that is displayed through Ray Palousek’s Feelings is so personal. Yet the songs can be relatable to a multitude of audiences, making this a hit.

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