PiPEllA brings the positive energy with “Afterglow”

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Upbeat, empowering and a breath of fresh air!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Indie orchestral rock riser PiPEllA has released her new single, “Afterglow,”

a whimsical take on the mystical feeling arising after having experienced a euphoric moment.

“Afterglow” is an ode to a tucked-away fantastic world where the unthinkable is possible. As the track pushes the boundaries of reality and imagination, electronic beat drops are accompanied by electric guitar, pairing EDM pop rhythms and pacing with a carefree rock attitude. In an eclectic mix of genres, PiPEllA pictures the kaleidoscopic joy and bliss of an emotionally powerful moment.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

The track is the manifestation of a cathartic form of liberation, which sparks something supernatural, a moment suspended in space and time.

‘Afterglow’ is about freedom more than anything else,” she comments, “a feeling of euphoria, just like how you feel in the final moments of an epic concert.”

Much like watching the sky fade into the sunset, the song leaves listeners breathless and pumped, speeding up and slowing down at once in a whirlwind of freedom and emotional release grounded in the moment. Embracing the possibilities and growth that come with endings, the song is a contemplation of leftover adrenaline, an electric meditation of cinematic moments and their place in real life.

“Afterglow” was written by PiPEllA and co-written with writing partner, Suzanne Yada. The track was produced by Jon Benward and mixed and mastered by Promethex Productions, who also produced her 2022 single, “Life as a Movie.”

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