SM6 fights for a different kind of love with “Generation Heartbreak”

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Hopeful, heartfelt and truly relatable!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Buzzy electropop moguls, SM6, have released their single titled “Generation Heartbreak,”

a ballad that longs after the simple gestures in romance from a time before their own. “Generation Heartbreak” is the latest single off their forthcoming album dropping later this year. SM6 emphasizes meaningful gestures like writing letters and picnic dates and hopes that, by extension, slower relationships will be preserved by the Gen Z dating pool.

Vocalist and bassist Isabel Jones wrote this song in her bedroom “out of sadness for [the band’s] generation” for losing “the old ways of love.”

Produced and mixed by Shayon Daniels, Nicci Funicelli, and Jim Funicelli, “Generation Heartbreak” overlays an instrumental consisting of piano and strings with Isabel’s emotionally potent vocals. The backup vocals sung by George Jones, Adam Jones, Emily Jones, and Jack Jones, that layer over Isabel’s vocals, provide an effortlessly delicate harmonic contrast, which, combined with the heartfelt lyrics, make the ballad a classic SM6 track that’s hard-hitting and relatable.

This early 2000s-esque vibe romanticizes the rom-com movie type of love in a post-modern world. Isabel’s storytelling brings listeners through a journey with a partner, empathetically asking to “delicately reassure [her]” because it feels like “fighting for the stars,” the way that she longs for a different kind of love. The track explores SM6’s heartache over the lack of sincerity in most modern love stories, being frustrated with the fact that no one else “looks at love the same way.”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Born and raised in Geneva, Illinois, the six siblings of SM6…

have been active as a band for approximately a decade, pinning them as seasoned musicians. Quickly gaining traction on TikTok for their witty and fun-loving videos combined with their music content, SM6 has amassed a fan base all over the world with 2.8 million followers and 7 million weekly watchers.

SM6 delves into the societal concept of love and how returning to its roots is a lost art form. “Generation Heartbreak” is an affectionate track that is sure to touch hearts.

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