Raegan Sealy drops a powerful anthem with “Care”

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Smooth, soulful and totally meaningful!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

British singer-songwriter Raegan Sealy has released her latest single, “Care,”

a bold and emotionally charged ballad exploring the lingering feeling of resentment after trauma. The song features the Gang of Angels, a choir from Nottingham, UK led by Honey Williams.

Blending Sealy’s quintessential intense, velvety soul-pop vocals with the delicate fierceness of the Gang of Angels, “Care” is a deeply profound performance of resilience and self-compassion. The song’s unwavering vigor shines through in its poignant rhythm and staggering vocal performance – which create a powerful, dynamic spectacle, reminding listeners that forgiving and forgetting is not always that simple.

Sealy instead shows that embracing the struggle can result in a dynamic, all-encompassing self-awareness. Reclaiming the right to be angry, and finding strength in this anger, “Care” is not hung up, but rather emerges as a moment for Sealy to remember her worth and reflect on how her past hurt does not reflect the person she is. Ever the antiheroine, Sealy shows stunning empathy and grace towards herself while she navigates these contrasting emotions.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘Care’ is an anthem for the angry, a ballad for the bitter, a sonnet for the still-not-over-it,” comments Sealy. “With this song, I wanted to challenge the notion that you have to forgive to forget or heal or move on, or that being angry about something makes you weak.”

When she finds herself briefly reconnected to past hurt, Sealy does not let this distress leave her paralyzed and emotionally numb. Instead, she harnesses the shock, reinstating her own distance from those who have hurt her. Produced by Robin Buyer, “Care” is an emotional, stirring reminder that healing is a winded, complex process that comes in many forms.

For Raegan Sealy, letting herself be angry has healing powers – she is firm and resolute regardless of her emotions.

“I want to challenge the idea that being ‘strong’ means not letting things get to you. I think admitting that things get to you and soldiering on regardless is what real strength—and authenticity—looks like. If you’re not feeling things, you’re not facing them.”

Reclaiming the power and anger and bitterness and their place in her healing process, “Care” allows us to hold the space to feel these emotions, and celebrates their resilience. Together with the energetic, cinematic contributions of the Gang Of Angels choir, Raegan Sealy shares a perfectly fiery, unapologetically heated track.

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