Waswabe Records inks partnership with Radio Veritas Asia in bringing original songs globally

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From left: Jasmine Aquino Santos, Mark Anthony Cuevas, Fr. Victor F, Sadaya, and Ms. Arlene A. Donarber

The Project Collaboration Agreement was signed last May 2, 2023 at the Radio Veritas Asia office attended by Songwriters Jasmine Aquino, Mark Anthony Cuevas, Jimi Wasabe and Zyrah Jamandre of the Waswabe Records, together with Fr. Victor Sadaya, CMF, General Manager of RVA, Arlene Donarber, RVA Program Department OIC, Fr. Kasmir Nema, OIC Editorial Board, Mel Diego, Head of ICT, Cindy Gorospe, RVA Social Media Coordinator and Shirly Benedictos, RVA Program Dept. Secretary.

There are five original songs, which are are part of an EP album entitled “I Praise You” released last April 2, 2023, that are licensed to RVA for two years to be used in various programs initially. The songs are: “I Praise You” written by Jimi Wasabe, a song that shares his eternal gratefulness to God; “Your Gift To Give” written by Mark Anthony Cuevas, a narrative song about one’s realization and renewal of faith through acts of simple kindness; “My Soul Finds Rest” written by Jasmine Aquino, speaks about how we can always turn to God and surrender all our fears and worries to Him; “No One Else But You” written by Zyrah Jamandre, a song about being dependent on God in everything we do, and “I Won’t Stop” written by Aries Silverio, a song about perseverance and consistency despite life’s challenges.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

During the Project Confirmation Activity, Mark Cuevas shared to the RVA team how the Waswabe Records group was formed and how it aims to help independent artists develop their song production process. He added that “With this partnership, we hope to be part of a ministry that inspires artists to unite people through their songs and glorify God in our own small way. Let us be an instrument of that mission.”

From left: Ms. Arlene A. Donarber, Jasmine Aquino Santos, Mark Anthony Cuevas, Fr. Victor F, Sadaya, Fr. Kasmir Nema, and Cindy Gorospe

Fr. Victor shared that “this kind of partnership will bring much wider reach because Radio Veritas Asia is known not only in the Philippines but also globally.” He also assured Waswabe Records artists that RVA will support and continuously promote the shared songs crediting the songwriters properly.

Because RVA has a broader connection that is not limited to the Catholic faith, this project opens a possibility of a Christian ecumenical collaboration and dialogue among the faithful. With its connection to the Vatican, Protestants and other religious organizations, this project offers a wonderful opportunity for independent artists to share their original songs and spread inspiration to everyone.

From left: Mark Anthony Cuevas, Fr. Victor F, Sadaya, Jasmine Aquino Santos, Ms. Arlene A. Donarber, and Fr. Kasmir Nema

RVA team also expressed their gratitude towards the Waswabe Records artists and looks forward to more projects in the future. According to RVA’s general manager, “I believe this just a seed. We’re just sowing the seeds and letting that seed grow into a tree, like the mustard seed that will hopefully become the most prominent tree that will spread not only in Asia but globally.”

Listen to “I Praise You” EP here:

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