Malachy Tuohy warms our hearts with “I Cross This Universe” album

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Intimate, eclectic, and absolutely mesmerizing!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dublin-based indie folk artist Malachy Tuohy (The Riptide Movement) has released his debut solo studio album, I Cross This UniverseBold, profound, and resonant, the record showcases Tuohy’s ever-growing talent as a songwriter.

It’s an album of love songs, tributes, and eulogies with compassionate and earnest lyrics celebrating the indomitable human spirit. Songs that take the listener on a journey through love, loss, hope, grief, and new beginnings. 

The 10-track album courses through many tempos and moods. It opens with the title track – “I Cross This Universe,” – a song inspired by the concept of parallel universes, which captures the unwavering power of love. It tells the story of two lost souls who go to great lengths to be reunited. “Song For Suzie” is a tribute to the celebrated songwriter and producer Tony Colton who passed in 2020.

Jarlath” is a eulogy to the songwriter’s late uncle, who was in palliative care during a nationwide COVID lockdown. The song was written to comfort Jarlath in his passing; however, due to restrictions at the time, Tuohy couldn’t visit Jarlath in the hospital to play the song for him, so he sent a rough phone recording of it to his mother, so that she could play it for him at his bedside. Unfortunately, Jarlath passed away before he could hear it.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Songs like “Most Of The Time,” the album’s lead single, and “Hope” reflect on the complexity of self-expression, isolation, and disconnection. “Tonight”and “Lemonade” are beautiful, warm, and uplifting love songs that balance the mood of the overall albumRainy Boy Sleep” is a tribute to Stevie Martin, an Irish musician who passed in 2016. The record concludes with “The Artist,” a song about the life of the great Irish portraiture artist Patrick Tuohy. The album was produced by Gavin Glass and features special guest performances from Albert Lee, Moya Brennan, Rachel Grace, Beth McNinch, and Paul Brennan.

Malachy Tuohy is an Irish singer and songwriter known for his soulful voice and down-to-earth songwriting style. He is also the vocalist and songwriter of Dublin band The Riptide Movement, with whom he has earned international success and a gold-selling, number 1 album, with hit songs such as “All Works Out,” “Changeling” and “Elephant in the Room.”

Born out of the COVID lockdown, I Cross This Universe showcases Tuohy’s impressive range as an artist and songwriter. The songs are intimate and stripped back, with an emphasis on the vocals and lyrics, making for an introspective personal sound.

Malachy’s music has similar vibes to Coldplay—music that will soothe your soul and warm your heart. Stream the album now on your favorite music streaming platforms and add it to your playlists!

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