Paytra empowers women with “Breaking Glass Ceilings”

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Edgy, fierce, and truly uplifting!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Pop singer-songwriter Paytra releases her new single, “Breaking Glass Ceilings,” a powerful fusion of alternative-pop and rock-rap track, an anthem emphasizing the motivation of having to overcome barriers in a male-dominated world.

Through this song, women will realize that they have the power to do anything. It’s refreshing to hear uplifting music sang with so much passion, honesty, and fury. The music carries the meaning, and the feeling carries the message. This is an empowering track for everyone, not only for the underdogs!

To any girl reading this… know that it will be hard. You will be treated differently because of being a woman. But also know that it’s okay to bust down the door if it’s not being opened for you.”

This song will strike you with its motivational lyrics and strong upbeat instrumentation that will leave you pumped up. Paytra continues her courageous approach in the industry as a gifted and significant pop rock star. We need more artists like Paytra, who can relate to all women through her inspiring songs.

This year, Paytra turned up the volume when she released her five-song EP Momma Taught Me How To Fight and her full-length album Tiny But Mighty, both masterpieces of self-expression and genre-bending pop. This fearless and self-assured pop star is bringing change to pop music. Paytra isn’t afraid to speak her truth and go against the mold. She’s a fierce symbol of feminism, strength, and power.

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Paytra, at just 16 years old, bought a one-way ticket to New York City to chase her music dreams. She found herself in the midst of it all, and quickly learned that being a young female with a lot to say wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

But Paytra didn’t let the obstacles defeat her. She knew that if she was going to make it in this city, she needed to up her game: musically, mentally, and physically. So instead, she dedicated herself to her craft, honing in on countless hours of dance classes, vocal lessons, and performances, and emerging as a true force to be reckoned with.

Her music, a blend of modern beats and R&B, alt-funk, and soul influences from the ’90s and ’70s, is both powerful and fun, tackling topics like self-reliance, sexism, racism, and sisterhood with infectious energy and joy.

The journey of overcoming in order to become who she needed to be was painful but also empowering, and it fuels the fire behind her lyrics; you can feel Paytra’s fear, rage, anxiety, passion, and strength in the music. The once shy and sweet girl found her voice.

Paytra’s mission goes beyond just creating catchy hooks and dance-worthy beats. With a heart for empowering women, she has invested in female entrepreneurs through her work with a New York-based VC syndicate company. Through her music and business ventures, she is paving the way and breaking down barriers for women to claim their space in industries that have long been dominated by men.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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