When was the last time Yeng Constantino said thank you?

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Heartwarming, nostalgic and full of emotions!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What’s new with Yeng Constantino?

Pop Rock Royalty Yeng Constantino now owns her songs from Star Music and has released her latest EP with her chosen hit songs entitled “Reimagined”. One of the songs out of her EP that has touched a lot of her fans the most is “Salamat”. A celebration of thankfulness to a loved one who has been present through highs and lows.

Allow Yeng to capture your hearts with her live performance of “Salamat”

Ang awiting ito’y para sa’yo
At kung maubos ang tinig, ‘di magsisisi
Dahil iyong narinig mula sa labi ko
Salamat, salamat

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yeng all through these years has never changed, she is still the pop rock OPM icon we used to know, stronger everyday. Her love for her craft truly shows in her achievements and her songs are definitely timeless.

“Salamat” is very nostalgic and many of her fans can relate to. In english this means “Thank You” which we normally say to our loved ones who we hold dear to our hearts.

When was the last time you said “Thank You”?

Kasama kitang lumuha
Dahil sa’yo ako’y may pag-asa

Out of all the lines from the song, this is the most meaningful part because it shows that Yeng has that one person who she is thankful for and was with her through difficult times, even giving her hope despite her struggles.

Let us be reminded by this: We must learn how to say “thank you” though sometimes it’s very hard to express what we feel. The question we will probably regret in the end is, what if it’s too late? So grab that chance and make your “thank you” a habit starting today!

All in all, Yeng’s “Salamat” is heartwarming, full of emotions and definitely another song to add to your playlist! Let’s all continue to support her music career and journey as an artist.

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