Maris Racal returns with a bang with her single “Pumila Ka”

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Filipino actress, host, vlogger and singer-songwriter, Maris Racal, serves us with a fun and colorful music video for her single “Pumila Ka“.

Nakikiusap sa mga nakikiuso, pwede kang mangarap. Lagi mo lamang tandaan, wala kang dapat tatapakan..“

English translation: “I am begging, all those riding the bandwagon, you are allowed to dream, just always remember that you shouldn’t bring anyone down..”

Watch the Official Music Video here:

“I wanted to write a really relatable song and I was thinking of everyday expressions that I could build a song around,” Maris shared in a statement. “The inspiration for this song is the Filipino expression, Pumila Ka, usually endearingly delivered among friends when competing for a crush. I asked Rico Blanco for a dance beat, and so he quickly did a dancehall beat and within seconds, I was singing the chorus.”

“Pumila Ka” is a dance-inspired electro-pop song about not taking shortcuts in achieving your goals in life. It takes all the time and hardships to get there!

The track also features fellow Filipino singer-rapper Raven, who wrote the lyrics with Maris, and production and arrangements from Rico Blanco, who wrote the music with the Filipina singer as well.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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