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Rating: 5 out of 5.

Here’s their stirring and emotional performance…

brings the crowd to their feet and
WOWS the online viewers!

     They hoped for lights from a few hundred Dreamers…
yet Thousands filled the magical scene!

4th impact reaction PPop concert


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Rating: 5 out of 5.


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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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  1. Worldclass Entertainment from the beginning to the End ,the best act in this Show !!! tears runs down ,goosebomps everywhere.that made me speechless, we all know what the Girls can and now the world must see their unbelieveable Talent .The Girls are ready for the world but is the world ready for the girls?? I dont know …
    Andi Ehlers

    1. Great article guys. The concert was better than I could have imagined. Well not really. I knew the girls would steal the show once they saw live souls in the seats. From the beginning you can tell this is what they were born to do!!!! They are truly on their way now. I have a feeling it won’t be long till we see them in LA.

      1. Well Ed, it’s not going to be JUST for In ‘N Out that they’ll be coming for this time! There will be venues just getting in line to book them unlike 2013. And though the Filipino community is huge in So. CA, it’s going to be across every white, yellow, brown or black person here and elswhere in the World that will be clamoring for them!

      2. Ed, this is what the ladies were born to do! They put on a performance that wowed the crowd and showed a command of the stage well above their peers! These girls are seasoned pros with voices beyond compare!

    2. You know, Andi, you’re absolutely spot on…I never thought about if the World is ready for 4th Impact! Well, let’s all get them into radio stations everywhere, following the Channel R line of promotion & interviews, and then for sure the girls will take over the World, one station at a time, all the way to a special Award they will have to name for them!

    3. Andi you are so right these ladies are world class entertainers! This concert showed that they not only had voice control, but they know how to control the stage and the crowd! The girls are ready for sure, and the world will become dreamers!

  2. These 4 sisters are great. There is no female group out there that can touch them. They are pure entertainment. It’s not they had to learn to be entertainers. It’s in their DNA. They was born for this. God has surely bless 4th Impact. Love these Ladies.

    1. Woah David…you hit it exactly by using that DNA word! Yes, no group has their innate chemistry, even other sister groups. And yes, that they were “born for this”, as you know that matches Irene’s words just last year in the livestream.

    2. David, you are correct these ladies have no peers when it comes to voices, harmonies, and stage presence! They truly are head and shoulders above the rest!

  3. That ppop show was will just blow to away has always they had growd on there feet cheering.for this girls and they felt the love from the Philippine it site to see.

    1. Kimball, that crowd went wild over them more than the girls could ever have anticipated. They wanted to succeed, and instead are taking over the nation and shortly, the World!

    2. Kimball, they did set the night aglow literally! It was so heartwarming seeing them enjoying the moment and to see their countrymen supporting them! It was worth the price of admission; just wish I could have experienced live!

  4. When I saw those lights in the audience I couldn’t help but be so happy for the girls. I know it was a dream come true for them. Then when Mylene broke down a little bit while singing A MILLION DREAMS, well I am a pretty stoic man but I think my eyes were leaking a bit. And I want to thank the GIFT GIVER for 2 things. 1. for giving 4th Impact their gift and 2. for allowing me to discover them.🙏🙏🙏

    1. So George, I know I’m not as stoic as you since my eyes are still flowing hearing and seeing this every time. The article says the girls expected a few hundred, but actually it was less than 200 in the balcony section, so when the girls saw Thousands of lights go on, they were totally overwhelmed beyond belief…as was I!

    2. George, I have to say I cried like a baby! When Myles lost it so did I. Also, when Irene was speaking and the crowd started chanting 4th Impact it got me again! I was so proud at that moment of being a dreamer!

  5. The audience arrived thinking they wanted a PPop Concert but left wanting a 4th Impact Concert. 4th Impact are the ultimate performers who knows how to entertain an audience from start to finish. The audience was up on their feet and cheering them. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Which is what it is all about.

    1. Ah, William, what a fantastic way to explain the event to the casual observer! It’s obvious that it will go down in lore as the day that 4th Impact didn’t just do a come back, but they created a tidal wave of emotion and appreciation that will take over the World shortly.

    2. The ladies are true world class performers! I think it is only a matter of time until their concerts will be selling out! They sure did enjoy the moment and the moment enjoyed them! It was a match made in heaven Just the confidence boost they needed!

  6. I knew this was one of their dreams, but this was really unbelievable. They were already crying when the walked on the stage. Especially when the saw all the lights. They have waited so long to perform for the people in their country. These girls are so humble and put their heart into everything the do. They always give you all they have and them some. They never give up and always thank God. I hope a lot more of the people in their own country will follow them now that they know about them. They even made me cry and have goosebumps. How can you be that emotional and still perform a whole show with those beautiful harmonies. Thanks Buster01 and Neal and La Music Review. Thanks to all dreamers and to the girls for always recognizing us and never giving up. We all love you girls and may this be the start of a new chapter in your lives.

    1. Yes, James, they hoped for more than the 186 lights in the one balcony section that they bought tickets for dreamers to sit in…but those thousands of lights like the true night sky created the glow that will never leave their faces, nor in short order, the World!

    2. James, I cried when they turned and seen the sea of lights! Knowing how much it meant to them in that moment was heartwarming! Then when Irene was speaking to the crowd and they chanted 4th Impact just filled my heart! I have noticed even fans of other groups say as far as voices and harmonies there is no other group that can touch them! They made all us dreamers very proud that night!

  7. Surely these ladies were brought to us from Heaven, someone must have pitied our struggles down here and sent us inspiration in the form of 4 sweet angels, so that we may take a break from our worries if even for just a moment!
    I know these ladies have that ability to calm and soothe antsy nerves and frayed wits, they do so on a daily basis for me and I am sure they do this for many others of you.
    It pleases me to no end to see them finally getting the attention they so deserve
    I have never seen so many reactors come out of the woodwork to start reacting to them, from reactors from the past who stopped doing them to fresh faces we haven’t seen before, this is all a good sign. May this trend continue for many years to come! God Bless you 4th Impact!

    1. Steven, I totally agree in every respect! Their genuine friendliness to all without any pre-conceived thoughts is without peer in any field! Their upbringing is the reason why, but obviously that DNA too. I’ve only had one nightmare since learning of them, and that was weird, because I had gone 1.5 years before that with none at all, listening to at least one of their songs every night before going to bed. The World will be better once they are out there, not just “back to the way it was before”…we know it lacked 4th Impact except during the X-Factor. Now we are all looking not just forward but onto a higher plane!

    2. You can count me as one who believes they were put here for a purpose Steven! They have been so approachable and friendly from day one! I agree so many new reactors now getting to know the ladies! Looking forward to more original songs and the concert!

  8. it was a great unique performance put on by these 4 girls. it was so emotional I had goosebumps and a few tears also flowed, you will never forget this sight with the many lights, you have dreamed of it all your life. and they deserve it for all the hard work over the past few years and the nice thing is a concert of 4.impact is always an experience and full of surprises. they go (almost always if it’s possible) to the audience to sing and celebrate with the people there, I only know that from the 4th impact girls. I now hope that they will release a lot of good songs, with HERE WE GO it would be a start, to then realize the further dream of a world tour.

    1. Ssab, I have to tell you, that I get the goosebumps still, and it’s a lot more than a few tears! In fact my nose gets clogged each time. I do know them a little bit from projects, but that doesn’t keep me at all being overwhelmed. I wanted to put in as much as I could about all those lights, because I know from Ivy’s messages to me that they were relying on just the 186 from one balcony section area. But it’s that indelible moment in history that will show the thousands! That still after 100+ viewings makes me shed a lot of tears!

    2. Ssab, I still get emotional watching the replays! The Ladies have worked for that moment for a long time and seeing their countrymen support them meant the world to them! They made us all very proud and they love the audience and the audience loved them!

  9. 4th Impact is not only the best Ppop group, but the best group in the world.
    They have outstanding talent and are wonderful people, true angels.

    1. You can say that 100x, Marcelo, and still just scratch the surface about who they actually are. And you my Friend, have met them, so you know them as genuine. In my case, seeing them on the other side of he laptop screen made me want to hug them…then they beat me to it!

  10. Thanks for sharing one more article, this one is special. All the comments are very accurate, it is difficult to add anything else, just to reaffirm that the 4 stars were born to be on stage and entertain the spectators with great ease and a lot of talent, as they have already stated, it is in their DNA. They are real stars, beautiful and very talented. I love 4th Impact!

    1. You’re welcome Gustavo! We find it no work at all except for the time stamp screenshots, but even those are from loving them and wanting the very best for them always and forever.

    2. It is our Pleasure Gustavo! You are correct these ladies were born to be stars! they are also great spiritual leaders for today’s youth!

  11. Thanks again for a great article, Neal & Gary. 4TH IMPACT was the only group who could hold an audiences attention for a whole show. While others mostly danced, and were out of breath, our girls blew the place up and could have gone on forever. True ENTERTAINERS extraordinaire, period.

    1. So obvious Michael. Watch 4th Impact start getting mentoring requests from other artists, not just that KUMU show. Then they can have another academy for adults. We know that they said the studio is the beginning of that dream they’ve had, so why not expand it and even other artists in other countries will flock to them!

  12. We were all very blessed!! Not many people ever see prayers being answered and dreams coming true!! We got to witness God’s Holy Spirit at work!! Who else could have turned this evil pandemic into a blessing for the sisters!? Prayers really are answered and dreams really do come true!!!
    Thank you my friends for all the great articles you have done and I pray for many many more!!!

    1. Thanks Daddy Nunya! To me this pandemic reminds me of the Star Trek movie where the Romulans accidentally come across Earth after a nuclear war devastates the Earth. Of course the girls are the Romulans in that analogy. Sometimes I feel silly about the analogy, but that’s dashed in a less than a second, knowing that is just not even .0001% true. The articles will be for as long as Philip believes in them, and I see no diminishing of his enthusiasm for them in the slightest!

    2. They were my Miracle by just making me a better person! I believe the Lord works through these ladies! It was so fulfilling watching one of their dreams come true! We will keep the articles coming as long as there is an audience God willing!

    1. Bless you Mark! I wish for the World who will get to know 4th Impact soon to have exactly your boundless enthusiasm of them!

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