Melissa Corpus fights for healing with “Kamusta Ka Sa Langit”

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Honest, hopeful and totally heartwarming!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Hi Melissa, welcome to LA Music Review! Tell us a little bit about you and your music.

Hello again! I’m Melissa Corpus, an independent singer-songwriter from Rodriguez Rizal. I am also a PWD who hopes to inspire through my music.

I started writing songs two years ago. It’s a gift from God that I discovered accidentally while I was attending a livestream of my YouTuber friends. It’s a great journey from being a YouTube content creator to becoming a singer-songwriter.

This year, I have released 6 songs in major digital streaming platforms—Senyales, Munting Hiling, Tahanan, Ikaw ang Pinili, Kapit Lang, and now, I’d like to promote my latest single, Kamusta Ka sa Langit.

Congrats on the release! What was your inspiration when you were writing this project?

I wrote Kamusta Ka Sa Langit last year. It’s dedicated to my father who died a few years ago of cancer. It’s very personal to me.

My Papa has been my core, my rock, and my inspiration growing up.

We’re very close and he instilled in us the values of hard work and “pakikipagkapwa-tao” (respecting everyone with dignity and respect).

Generally, it’s a song of love for our dear departed, asking if they are okay and if they are watching us.

What is your vision for this project?

I hope Kamusta Ka Sa Langit will bring comfort and healing to everyone who is still grieving and missing their departed.

I also envision that this song can be one of the go-to songs for funerals.

We can’t escape death. It’s part of our lives. What we can do is live life to the fullest with meaning and purpose.

Losing someone, especially one of our family members, is one of the most challenging phases we can experience. The pain will lessen over time, but it still hurts every time we miss them on special occasions.

What is your favorite part of this body of work?

My favorite part is the Bridge.

Iiyak sandali
Luha ay dadampi
Sana ay marinig
Muli ang ‘yong tinig
Mahagkan sandali
Mayakap ‘sang saglit
Kahit sa panaginip

This is the highlight of my song. When I was writing this part, I was crying. It’s like all my emotions were written so my Papa can hear them.

We all want to have them back. To be with us once again. To hear their voice, to feel their presence. To see them even in our dreams.

But all we can do is say a prayer that they are at peace now. Send our love and let our emotions speak. We may cry as we reminisce about all the good memories.

Start streaming “Kamusta Ka Sa Langit” here:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Anything else we should know about it? Future releases? Upcoming events?

I’m really happy that my original songs are slowly getting more streams on digital platforms.

For Boomplay Music, I’m on the #57th spot for Trending Artists. My song Tahanan is still on the second spot for Pinoy Love Songs Hotlist.

Regarding future releases, I’ll be releasing Ikaw ang Gabay, part of the Songwriters United Praise and Worship Album.

I’m also releasing these songs in the first quarter of 2023, Ansabe and Keep Soaring High. These are pop songs so I can cater to a new genre.

I’m blessed to be one of the awardees for TVC World Annual Awards 2022. It was held on December 28 at Manila Grand Opera Hotel.

I was also invited by Manong Bluetooth as one of the featured creators on PINOY CREATOR SPOTLIGHT, which premiered on December 21, 2022 on his YouTube channel.

I performed Kapit Lang and Tahanan last January 5, 2023 for FADO’s Right Time release party and this coming January 21, 2023, I will also perform in the Cre8 Music Records Unplugged event at Kwerdas Music.

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