SB19 trends anew with their soulful masterpiece “Nyebe”

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Sad yet truly comforting!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Award-winning Filipino P-pop group SB19 composed of JoshStell, JustinPablo, and Ken, is back with their trending official visualizer for their latest single, “Nyebe“. It premiered last December 13, 2022, on YouTube.

This video is a collaborative effort from the people behind the WYAT International Tour. Footage taken by the team is to define one’s yearning for a little ray of hope amid the cold light of day.

SB19 posted on their Instagram:
Sana natunaw na ang nyebe. At kung hindi pa, darating din ang panahon na babalik ang sigla. Makakarating din tayo.

“I hope the snow will finally melt. And if not yet, the time will come when the old joy and smile will return. We’ll eventually get there.”

Written by John Paulo Nase or Pablo, the song is a haunting ballad that relates to us and touches our soul—giving us the feeling of warmth, longingness, and sadness.

As a songwriter myself, I really admire Pablo for his magnificent storytelling and rich choice of words. It’s deep, sentimental, and meaningful.

SB19 is consistent in giving us heartfelt songs with soulful theme. Adding to the feels of the track is the magnificent blending plus superb music arrangement that equates eargasm.

This is a comfort song for the soul,
an anthem for OFWs, and a song for God.

Read on for our lyric breakdown.

Bakit ba ‘di ko namalayang dumadampi na sa ‘king mukha?
Lamig na mabigat pa sa dala
Kahit papalapit na ang inaabangan nila
Na noo’y pinatibok ang puso kong ngayo’y nagyelo na

Have you ever experienced being too tired to speak, eat, and enjoy your day? Sometimes we get to a point where we feel burn out from too much work, pressure, and expectations. Our body and mind want to rest.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

‘Di ko na alam ang aking gagawin pa
Ako’y kuntento na basta alam kong tayo’y humihinga pa
Sa dami ng pinagdaanan ay hindi ko na
Alam kung paano pa ba ako magiging masaya

Although there is a struggle to drown in hopelessness and melancholy, we choose to fight our silent battles. It’s not wrong to acknowledge that emotion because we are only human. It’s okay not to be okay sometimes.

Tayo ma’y magkalayo, 
Panalangin ko’y kayo
Takot ay maglalaho, 
ito’ng aking pangako
Ako’y nandito

Being away from the people we love is very difficult. We long for their hugs and kisses that makes us strong. It’s like they’re our power bank that charge us.

Alam ko na hindi ito posible
Pero bakit bumubuhos ang nyebe?
Nanlalamig ang bisig, hinahanap ang ‘yong tinig
Mahagkan ka sana’y ‘di imposible

Nyebe (snow) symbolizes all our burdens—physical, emotional, or even mental. Choosing to overcome your fears and going back to your roots will eventually help you move forward.

Ohh, nyebe, nyebe, nyebe
Malamig ma’y ‘di na bale
Nyebe, nyebe, nyebe
Basta’t nand’yan ka parati

A solid back-up or support from our family and friends will help us assess and guide our emotions. It’s also vital to have God’s presence in our lives and develop a deep relationship with Him to help us overcome everything.

Nanlalamig ang bisig
May kaba pa sa’king dibdib
Marinig lang ang ‘yong tinig
Matutunaw din lahat ng nyebe

Sometimes, even with all the accomplishments, there is still a void—the unexplainable feeling of emptiness. Isn’t it ironic that you once prayed for this blessing, but now you want to rest and have a normal life again?

Ginugol oras sa lahat ng bagay na hinahangad
‘Di namalayang oras ay lumilipad, ooh-woah-oh
At kung ako’y nakalilipad ay babaliin siyang pakpak
Nang sa gano’n oras ay huminto
Ngayo’y nandito 

How do you bounce back from recent depression?

When we get burn out or feel depressed, we ask ourselves, “Is this worth it? Where am I going? What will really make me happy?”. 

  • Dig deep on why God put you in this path. Remember your purpose. That will save you.
  • Time management and prioritizing can also help—with career, family, personal goals, and even relationships.
  • Identify the people who matter to you most.
  • Meditation and journaling will also keep you in a good mood.
  • Destress and focus on your mental health.

When you’re lost, let go and let God. Grind, reach for the stars, but don’t forget to recharge your relationships and faith.

Everything that happens in our lives is all on us. It’s deciding every day on how we should live and how we spend our time.

I hope God will always be your anchor to overcome every snow “nyebe” in your life. The future is always bright for you. He makes all things beautiful in His time. 

Kudos to SB19 for this beautiful song. MAPA and Nyebe is now my top favorites from you guys! Keep on inspiring and creating meaningful songs ♥

Rating: 5 out of 5.

by Melissa Corpus

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